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Become an Artisano Designs Preferred Retailer and Grow Your Favor Business!


Artisano Designs Preferred Retailer


What You Get...
  1. A page featuring your logo, business name and description.
  2. A link to your website (Artisano Designs category page)
  3. The opportunity...
    - for Artisano Designs product pages to link to the same product page on your site
    - to become a featured retailer on our home page!
  4. The ability to market yourself as a leading retailer carrying Artisano Designs favor line
  5. Approved usage of the proprietary Artisano Designs preferred retailer seal/logo
  6. Highly Targeted Marketing - Free...


...Artisano Designs receives hundreds of visits per day from Canadian, U.S., and international brides and party planners looking to buy our unique keepsake favors. As a favor distribtor not selling to consumers, retailers featured on our site are connected with highly targeted, high converting visitors with no marketing expense!


To Qualify Simply...
  1. Create a dedicated Artisano Deigns website category featuring all our available items.
  2. Ensure there is a branded Artisano Designs home page link to the Artisano Designs category.
  3. Include Artisano Designs product images on your home page (>2)
  4. Have established an average monthly spend history (contact us for details)