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About Artisano Designs


Unique wedding favors originally designed by our own artististic team - that is the essence of Artisano Designs' collection of wedding favors and party favors for life's special occasions. We ship wholesale favors from our New York (USA) and Ontario (Canada) based distribution centers for fast, efficient order fulfillment - whether direct to customers (drop ship) or to your retail location.

We have served thousands of customers in the wedding industry and understand brides and event planners know exactly what they want. Today, wedding favors have to be exceptionally unique, practical and great looking without being overly expensive. Delivering quality wedding favors at exceptional value is what we do. It goes beyond the product itself, though, and to that end we are committed to achieving industry excellence.


Artisano Designs has a simple formula - great favors, fast/seamless approvals and order processing, and great service. We assure your satisfaction!


If you are a retailer interested in offering Artisano Designs' unique line of wedding and party favor keespake gift items, then we'd like to hear more about you. Simply become an Artisano Designs retailer and start enjoying profitable returns this season. After all, don't your brides and event planning customers deserve the best? We think so!


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